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    “Today, San Francisco has taken another step fo​rward in providing families with affordable, secure, and modern housing. Thanks to RAD, we have accelerated the pace of progress for residents and families across our city.”


    House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi​​​

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    As of September 4, 2019

    What’s going on with the San Francisco Housing Authority?

    After uncovering significant financial problems which resulted in major funding shortfalls, the U.S. Department of
    Housing and Urban Development (HUD) determined that the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA) is in default of its
    contracts with HUD. In order to cure the default and avoid receivership, HUD has requested that the City and County of
    San Francisco assume responsibility for SFHA’s essential functions, such as the voucher program and managing public
    housing, and is requiring those program operations be outsourced to third party experts.

    I live in public housing. How will these changes affect me?

    You will not lose your public housing or your housing subsidy due to these changes. The outsourcing of SFHA’s public
    housing operations will not adversely affect you. The City is currently reviewing options for bringing in new property
    management for SFHA’s public housing sites at Potrero and Sunnydale. SFHA and the City will continue to communicate
    frequently with residents and other stakeholders as these changes occur.

    Who do I pay rent to? What if I have a maintenance request?

    Until the management of your public housing unit is transferred to third party experts, continue to pay rent and make
    maintenance requests the same way you do now to your current SFHA property management office.

    What do all these changes mean for the HOPE SF program to rebuild public housing units at Potrero and Sunnydale?

    The HOPE SF program will continue. Construction of the new public housing replacement units continues, and public
    housing households are still scheduled to relocate to the new units managed by Bridge Housing at Potrero and Mercy
    Housing at Sunnydale. Until public housing households are relocated to the newly built replacement units managed by
    Bridge or Mercy, they will continue to interact with SFHA property management and, later, the third party expert
    brought in to take over SFHA’s property management function.

    If you have other questions, please

    contact Tonia Lediju, SF Housing Authority Transition Lead: or (415) 715-3164